Main characteristics:

  • 24-hour manned security.
  • State of the art BMS controlling all systems in the buildings.
  • CCTV and building access control system.
  • 6 lifts (3 in each core).
  • Full heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • Above standard floor loadings of 3,5 to 5 kN per square meter.

Office/Lease Areas:

  • Window grid of 1.35 m allowing maximum flexibility in internal design and partitioning.
  • Floor ceiling height of 2.7 m net on the upper floors.
  • Suspended ceilings with lighting and HVAC.
  • Fully accessible raised floors with floor boxes.
  • 10 above ground levels.
  • Spacious and flexible floor plates.
  • Special areas dedicated for server rooms with increased floor loading.
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